Mark Bautista allegedly reveals he got “intimate” with a male actor who had a girlfriend at that time

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  • Mark Bautista allegedly confessed that he got “intimate” with a male friend
  • Pep allegedly took screenshots from Mark’s book, Beyond the Mark, that details the “affair”
  • Mark is set to guest in an upcoming concert of Joanna Ampil entitled Love Wins

In his book, Beyond the Mark, Mark Bautista allegedly revealed he got “intimate” with a male friend. The book that is due to be released this February, promises to share Mark’s journey of self-discovery and overcoming personal struggles.

Pep shared that the book also contains “juicy bits” of the singer’s life that he had long hidden from the public. They further claim that screenshots from the book’s pages reveal a story of an alleged “affair” Mark had with a male actor.

In a chapter of the book titled “Friendshift”, the singer-performer allegedly tells the story of a “bromance” between him and a “male friend” who had a girlfriend at the time. Allegedly, the two tried to stop the budding romance and avoided each other. But after a few tries they finally gave in to temptation and became “intimate” twice. After a while, the two decided to separate ways and avoided each other as much as they can.

Until one drunken night, Mark was at a bar partying when his “male friend” arrived with his then girlfriend. They allegedly tried to evade each other but when the “male friend’s’” girlfriend left, Mark was quoted by Pep stating in the book, “We then got so drunk that I ended up going home with him. I spent the night in his house and we became intimate.”

The girlfriend found out the next day and was furious. Mark disclosed, “This started a huge drama between the three of us. It became a spectacle.” Despite all the hurtful rumors and comments from people, Mark decided to keep mum and not defend himself. He said, “I kept my silence and allowed myself to be hurt by all the rumors.”

Mark is set to guest in an anniversary concert by Joanna Ampil on February 14, which coincidentally is titled, Love Wins.

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