Mark Bautista: “I can find a job outside a TV network and I can still call it a career”

Image capture from Mark Bautista's IG photo
  • Mark Bautista said he can find a job outside a TV network and still call it a career
  • He shared life is a big dream and advised people to take it slowly and happily
  • Mark admits, “Yes, I love both sexes”.

Actor and singer Mark Bautista shared Instagram posts about career, childhood reminder, life and dream, and enjoying every moment; Fashion Pulis published on Sunday.

In the first part, he said he can find a job outside a television network and he can still call it a career; adding that he always remind himself that hype is temporary and fame is fleeting.

Mark shared some of his childhood reminders to which he said life is a big dream and we’ll soon realize it after d***h. He advised people not to take problems too seriously, but slowly and happily.

“Row, row, row  your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

“Pag namatay tayo ma-realize natin paggising na ito pala lahat ang totoong panaginip lang… Isang malaking panaginip.

“Fullest. Enjoy. Wag Dibdibin mga problema. Keep moving but enjoy every moment dahil lilipas din to lahat… Row your boat slowly and happily because life is just a big dream.”

Mark is presently in the spotlight after reports of him being gay which he purportedly wrote in his book Beyond The Mark spread online.

According to PEP, the book narrates ‘the Mark’ that he hid from the public for a long time. In its “FRIENDSHIFT” chapter, he narrated his intimate relationship with a guy friend.

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The singer disclosed via Philippine Star that he’s bisexual.

“Yes, I love both sexes,” he said.

His fans, meanwhile, support his coming out as gay.

“Good luck idol Mark Bautista. I believe in your talent, you can overcome everything.”

“You’re doing the right things. We’re still your true friends here in San Diego. Hope to see you soon. We love you!”

“I agree with that, just hold on to your dreams, make the best out of it. There’s no space of negativity so enjoy life whatever it may bring!”