Marvel illustrator admits Black Panther’s Dora Milaje costumes have ‘Filipino elements’

Images by Anthony Francisco via Instagram account
  • The movie Black Panther has bits of Filipino culture in it
  • The illustrator shared that the Dora Milaje costume was inspired by Filipino and African arts
  • Lupita Nyong’o who plays the role of Nakia, also learned Filipino Martial arts for the film

One of Marvel’s senior visual development illustrators, Anthony Francisco, is actually a Filipino born and raised in the Philippines.

If you think the Dora Milaje costumes in the hit Hollywood blockbuster movie Black Panther looks familiar, then your hunch might be right. It does look familiar because Francisco admitted that it contains “Pinoy elements”. Francisco revealed that the elite warrior team Dora Milaje’s costume was a mix of African and Filipino art.

Francisco in an interview with Buzzfeed revealed that he grew up in a household with a lot of Filipino artifacts and decors.

The illustrator took inspiration from his Filipino aunt’s table runner for the “tabard” on Okoye’s armor. Francisco shared that he grew up seeing the intricate beading and design that he decided to use it as an inspiration.

Another notable detail of Filipino culture is the use of hanging gold rings on Okoye’s armor. Francisco took inspiration from the popular Filipino “anting-anting” or good luck charms to ward off bad spirits.

Aside from visual art and costumes, Black Panther’s action-pumping fight scenes also had a hint of “Pinoy kicks.” One of the main casts, Lupita Nyong’o who plays the role of Nakia, admitted that she had to learn Filipino Martial arts, muay thai, jiujitsu and judo.

For such a big movie, it sure it amazing to see bits and pieces of Filipino culture being appreciated internationally.

#Repost @marvel_avengers_fans with @instatoolsapp ??? New Black panther Concept art of Okoye and Nakia, the Dora Milaje…Art by @anthony_francisco_art — hey all just sharing some concept art of mine that's been making its rounds today! I am so happy I got to work on #blackpanther ! When our head of visual development at marvel studios, @ryan_meinerding_art , tasked me with defining the look of the #doramilaje I knew this was a great opportunity for me to design some pretty tough women! I tried to keep it close to the characters from the comic books. If you don't already know @andyparkart has designed a lot of the female super heroes in the #mcu. I am always greatful for this opportunity and happy that Ryan Coogler chose my designs for the #doramilaje ! This is the exact image that was sent to the #costumedepartment to create the final look you see on screen. Thanks to the amazing @iamruthecarter and her team , she truly brought my designs to life! And brought so much culture to the movie . Can't wait for the #blackpantherworldpremier !! – – – ________________________________________ #marvelstudiosvisualdevelopment #conceptart #okoye #nakia #warriors #???? #?????? ??????? #?????? ??????? #Panteranegra #designdefantasia #costumedesign #fashionista @marvelstudios

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