Meet Mocha Puson, Asec. Mocha’s impersonator

Image capture of video by Karel Notario and PRISM's Facebook posts
  • A netizen impersonates Mocha Uson and the netizens adore her 
  • She re-creates notable Mocha Uson “moments” that have appealed to netizens

A netizen impersonates the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Mocha Uson and the netizens adore her for it.

Karel Staicey Notario a.k.a Mocha Puson told Kicker Daily News that from the start she only does it for fun. Not really convinced that she looks a bit like the original Mocha, she initially just sent a video of herself imitating Mocha Uson to her friends’ group chat. Her friends had an idea to upload it publicly on Facebook because they think she did good impersonating the celebrity.

More videos were created until Karel made one related to the Dengvaxia issue that went viral and has been viewed more than 172,000 times as of posting.

From there on, her Facebook friends and real friends loved her even more and urged her to create videos such as these:

She was also featured on a local ABS CBN TV show, MagTV:

On Valentine’s Day, she answered some messages and greetings by supposed FB friends and followers; asking for love advice. She plans to make another account exclusively for this purpose to accommodate every fan.


As much as possible, Karel hope that her followers would understand that everything she does is purely for fun and nothing political. When we asked if she would like to meet the real Mocha, she replied: “If given an opportunity to meet her in person, why not.”

She added that it’ll be quite exciting and exhilarating at the same time for her part.

Karel is a Bicolano who is a registered nurse and currently works for Bicol Medical Center and is in-charge of its Animal Bite Treatment Center. She is also a beauty queen and joins pageants to promote her advocacies (HIV awareness and rabies awareness).

She is also the founder and administrator of BICOLS MAGAYON, a Facebook account for Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders of Bicol. She likes travelling and is a Filipino cuisine enthusiast.