North Korean cheerleaders steal the show at the Winter Olympics

Image capture of video via BNR Nieuwsradio's YouTube account
  • North Korea’s cheerleaders dubbed as ‘army of beauties’ stole the spotlight at the Winter Olympics
  • The cheer squad’s uniform: red jumpsuits — covering skin from the top of their necks to their toes — and white beanies

When we think of North Korea, we think of Kim Jong Un, the country’s isolation and above all, its fearsome nuclear weapons.

Now we add cheerleaders to the list.

North Korea’s cheerleaders are making waves at the Winter Olympics. The group caught the world’s attention during their energetic performance at the joint Korea women’s ice hockey match against Switzerland despite their team’s 8-0 defeat.

North Korea’s famed ‘army of beauties’ stole the show in front of some 3,600 people.

The cheer squad, wearing their red jumpsuits — covering skin from the top of their necks to their toes — and white beanies, performed a variety of songs; clapping in unison and doing the famous Mexican wave.

The presence of the ‘army of beauties’ in the winter Olympics gathered positive reactions among the spectators and those watching from afar.

“They look very pretty,” said Hyun Myeong-Hwa, 58, of Cheongju, South Korea via NY Times.

“I do understand the negative criticisms about them being here,” she added. “But I think we should be positive and open-minded about them. We are the same people.”

Watch  the videos below.




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