Olympics South Korean figure skater experiences costume malfunction during her debut performance

Images via Yura Min/Rob Williams' Twitter accounts
  • Yura Min, a first-time Olympic competitor experienced a sartorial malfunction during a figure skating event
  • The 22-year-old South Korean delegate had to pause and pull her top back halfway through the routine which caused her to lose some points
  • The American-trained athlete promised to sew own costume in her next event

Wardrobe malfunction among celebrities including athletes is sometimes a serious setback to a live performance. Nevertheless, some do not let an accidental attention-grabbing incident put them down.

The 22-year-old first-time Olympic ice dancer, Yura Min, got a sartorial obstacle during her figure-skating event on Sunday, February 11 held at Pyeongyang, South Korea. She, however, continued her performance, successfully pushing through with the act.

During the event, the South Korean dancer, who wore a red costume, experienced a wardrobe malfunction on her top while doing her routine. The hook on her cropped-top got loose.

In an interview with Detroit Free Press, the American-South Korean athlete admitted that she got terrified when halfway through her performance while doing her twizzle, she noticed that the hook that holds the entire outfit together was unfastened. Her top slipped off her shoulder and was about to expose her intimate part, thus, causing her to pause and pull it back.

The distraction caused her to lose some huge points in the competition.

Although Min admitted that she felt disappointed by what happened — which she described as a nightmare, she pointed out that she has waited and worked hard to be able to perform at the Olympics and this was not definitely how she imagined it to be.

On the other hand, the young performer who is an American citizen expressed how proud she is to have represented South Korea at the Olympics under a “special naturalization” program.

With the sartorial obstacle she encountered, Min and her partner finished ninth out of 10 pairs with 51.97 points. Good thing is they still have a chance to make their performance better during the formal ice dancing tournament which will start on February 18.

The Asian competitor tweeted that she will sew her own costume for the next event.