Pacquiao motivates young athletes to rise up from failures and to remain humble

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  • Sen. Manny Pacquiao was the keynote speaker of the Davao Regional Athletics Association (DAVRAA) 2018
  • He shared his difficult journey to success
  • He encouraged athletes to remain focused, be disciplined and be resilient

Senator Manny Pacquiao shared a few words of wisdom to the athletes gathered at the Davao Regional Athletics Association (DAVRAA) 2018. As the keynote speaker, the Pambansang Kamao inspired over 7,000 athletes to persevere and yet remain humble.

Pacquiao shared how growing up in poverty motivated him to get into sports. He was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “Lisod ako giagian, wala miy balay, wala miy yuta. Swerte nga makakaon mi katulo sa usa ka adlaw, nag-apil ko boxing kay naay premyo, makapalit ko bugas.”

[My journey wasn’t easy. We didn’t have a house or a lot. We’re fortunate if we get to eat three times a day. I joined boxing because if I win, I can buy rice.]

Discipline, focus, resilience

He shared that the secrets to success are discipline, focus, resilience.

The boxer turned senator said, “Remember the importance of following – discipline because without it we can’t concentrate in training to achieve our goals; focus, kasi pag wala ‘yan our attention will be divided at ‘di mo maibigay and gusto mong performance. When you are focused, you can give more what you want to give; resilience is the ability to rise above a fall.”

Sen. Manny also highlighted the importance of humility, saying: “I encourage everyone to rise from failures and learn from your mistakes and remain humble. The more you become successful, the more you should become humble.

In the end, he urged the athletes to do more and said he hopes that the country’s next Olympic Gold medalist or the next boxing champ will be among them.

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