Paramore postpones Manila concert to August 23 due to Hayley’s throat and upper-respiratory infection

Image by Paramore's Instagram post
  • American punk/alternative rock band Paramore has postponed its Manila concert due to the lead vocalist’s health condition
  • The band’s official Facebook account announced the news and has reset the Manila concert to August 23

Paramore has postponed their concert in Manila due to lead vocalist Hayley Williams’ health condition which involves “throat and upper-respiratory infection.”

Hayley explained the situation in a Facebook post on Friday.

“I wanted to write personally to tell you that I’ve been fighting a throat & upper-respiratory infection for the last 2 days,” the female singer wrote.

“It’s a pretty nasty sickness but if I would’ve been able to get my voice to come through for me, the guys and I would’ve done the show tonight anyway. Unfortunately, my throat hasn’t loosened up and the rest of my symptoms have only gotten worse,” she added.

The band’s frontwoman said that after getting an official diagnosis from a doctor, their team decided that it would be the right thing to postpone the show tonight (Friday) in Jakarta as well as the next show in Manila to later this year.

The Manila concert has been rescheduled to August 23.

Hayley urged fans to hold on to their tickets if they already have it, and concluded her note by saying: “I’m so sorry for the disappointment this will inevitably cause everyone who’s been looking forward to these two shows. I know nothing I say will alleviate that letdown…”

If you haven’t heard Paramore before, here’s one of their famous tracks: