PLDT to formally return the “CURE” frequencies back to government, free of charge

Image via PLDT
  • PLDT agreed to surrender the frequencies assigned to its CURE investment
  • Although the company is subject to get a fee from the surrendered frequencies, PLDT has waived all its right to collect payment
  • A third telecom player could get the available surrendered frequency from NTC

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the telecommunications and internet service provider in the country, is about to formally surrender the 10 MHz radio frequency band to the government without any payment.

According to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Case No 2011-072, PLDT was supposed to receive compensation for its investment in Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise (CURE) to which the frequencies were assigned. However, the said telco has already waived its rights to a “cost recovery” provision in agreeing to surrender the spectrum frequencies.

Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) said during the US-Philippines Society Investment Forum in Makati City, that PLDT is now working on issuing a formal document for the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC); stating that it will no longer collect payment for its investment in Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprises (CURE).

Pangilinan added that the company has publicly taken its stand to waive all rights and benefits to the frequencies of CURE. This February, Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) officer-in-charge Eliseo Rio already confirmed MVP’s statement regarding the CURE frequency.

The Philippine Government advised the private company to dump CURE and to surrender its frequencies in exchange for the NTC’s approval of PLDT – Digitel Telecommunications Philippines Inc. partnership way back 2011.

PLDT’s confirmation to turn over the frequency will help in building up the upcoming telco industry players.