Pres. Duterte fumes over latest OFW death in Kuwait: “The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere”

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  • Duterte fumed at the latest OFW death in Kuwait
  • The remains of a Pinay worker in Kuwait was found inside a freezer
  • The President said the Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere

President Rodrigo Duterte said he is ready to take drastic actions to prevent further loss of lives of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern nations as he lamented the death of a Filipina domestic helper whose remains were found inside a freezer.

“The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. Every unlawful physical injury inflicted on an OFW is an injury I personally bear as the head of this republic. Every abuse committed to an OFW is an affront against us as a sovereign nation,” ABS-CBN quoted the President as saying during a press conference in Davao City.

The President said he cannot stomach the abuses that have pushed some OFWs to commit suicide as he confirmed the ban on deployment of workers in Kuwait.

“We do not intend to offend any government or anyone, but if ban is what is needed, then let it be so. The ban continues today and I don’t know until what time. I declared it early this morning. Son of a b****, I cannot stomach this. It is totally, totally unacceptable to me,” the President fumed.

The President offered to repatriate for free OFWs who want to go home.

“So everyone who wants to come home, I said to (Labor) Secretary (Silvestre) Bello, those who want to be repatriated, with or without money, I will ask PAL and Cebu Pacific to provide the transportation. I want them out of the country those who want to go out in 72 hours,” the President said.

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