Proud Pinoy: Filipina businesswoman owns trending cafe that offers ‘drink a portrait of yourself’ aka selfieccino in London

Image capture from The Tea Terrace's IG photo
  • Viral ‘selfieccino’ in London is proudly owned by a Filipina businesswoman and her husband
  • Selfieccino, term used for the idea where customers can sip a portrait of themselves on a coffee, has been featured on BBC and other TV stations
  • The Tea Terrace wants to trademark the term ‘selfieccino’ as they expand their business

LONDON — In December last year Kicker Daily shared the trending gimmick of a cafe in London where customers can literally drink a portrait of themselves on coffee. Turns out that the owner of the restaurant and tea shop is Filipina businesswoman Rowena Manlusoc Shouly and her husband Ehab Salem Shouly.

Their concept of combining drinking a cup of coffee and have a selfie, also known as ‘selfieccino’, have gone viral; with the increasing number of customers wanting to try their product. In addition, it has been featured on BBC and other television stations in the area.

“Before, it wasn’t like this. It was just an ordinary restaurant but we are always thinking how to make it better or different from the others. So we started with the throne chairs, and we noticed that people kept coming because of this.

“Because nowadays, ‘di lang good food or good service, kailangan din maganda so they can take a picture and post on their social media — on Instagram, Twitter,” the Filipina said as she narrated the humble beginnings of the concept via ABS-CBN News.

The Tea Terrace, their business name, is the first restaurant chain to offer the service in the UK and Europe.

To order, the customer needs to send a photo of their face – via an online messaging app – to the barista and specify whether cappuccino or hot chocolate would be put on the canvas.

The image will be uploaded to a machine for scanning and then it will be reproduced onto the froth using a flavorless food coloring which takes about four minutes. According to Reuters, the product costs $7.5.

Meanwhile, The Tea Terrace wants to trademark the term ‘selfieccino’ as they expand their business.

Here are some photographs from The Tea Terrace‘s Instagram account: