Regulators close funeral home after allegedly selling body parts to labs and substituting cement for cremains

Image capture of video via News Today's Youtube account
  • Megan Hess runs both Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors and Donor Services, a company selling body parts to laboratories, in the same building in Colorado
  • The funeral home allegedly substitute the cremains with cement, giving families the wrong cremains

Colorado officials indefinitely shuts down a funeral home and crematory service for allegedly violating state laws.

According to the GJ Sentinel, Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors is “guilty of multiple deliberate and willful violations of the Mortuary Science Code” including cremating and embalming bodies without permission, giving families the wrong cremains and substituting concrete for cremains, a person’s cremated remains, and not maintaining records for final disposition of bodies it handled.

During the FBI raid last week, officials searching the funeral home found bags of “dry concrete/cement.”

The owner of the funeral home, Megan Hess, has been in the spotlight in the past years for her operation of funeral home and was featured in a January Reuters news series focused on the body parts trade.

Former employees who said they were interviewed by the FBI accused her of harvesting body parts and gold teeth and profiting richly from the sales of those body parts.

Hess issued a news release calling the accusations “fake news” and said the body donation part of her business was vital for science and finding cures to diseases.

Colorado does not regulate body donations, but does regulate funeral homes. Hess’ licenses were suspended Monday.