Star City’s Star Flyer extreme ride malfunctions, 10 guests affected

Image capture of video by Radyo Inquirer
  • One of the outdoor attractions and main rides of Star City amusement park malfunctioned
  • The Star Flyer extreme ride stopped in the middle of its tracks
  • Ten riders were affected by the incident

One of the extreme rides of the Star City amusement park has malfunctioned; affecting at least ten park guests.

The Star Flyer, the only inverted roller coaster in the country, suffered an electrical malfunction at around 3:20 on Saturday afternoon, February 17. It came to a sudden stop while in the middle of its hanging tracks for about 10 to fifteen minutes.

As per Radyo Inquirer, an electrical fluctuation caused the extreme ride to malfunction. A staff of the theme park was sent to the ride to fix the trouble after the ten riders were safely brought down and immediately given assistance by the first-aid team of the park.

The ten affected riders underwent medical checkups to ensure their safety and monitor their health conditions.

The Star City management has yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident.