Suspected fake PDEA agents abandon vehicle after being chased by cops; leaves guns and P300K fake money

[L] Suspected fake PDEA agents as compared to real PDEA agents [Bottom Right] (Image capture of video by ABS CBN via YouTube, PAGEONE)
  • A group of suspected fake PDEA agents were apprehended by cops when they failed to provide their IDs
  • The group fled aboard two vehicles and was chased by cops
  • The group abandoned one of its vehicles which had cash and guns

A group of armed men wearing Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) uniforms who purportedly a******d suspected pushers in Taguig City abandoned one of their vehicles when cops arrived and asked for their IDs.

CCTV footage on February 4 at Barangay Ususan showed a group with long firearms posing as PDEA operatives getting out of two vehicles; a black Mitsubishi Montero (NZI 593) and a black Toyota Hilux pick-up (UGQ 317); allegedly arresting some drug suspects.

On Feb. 18, the two vehicles returned to the Ususan area. As the barangay officials expressed doubt on the two vehicles seen again in their CCTV, they immediately tipped the police for verification.

Sr. Supt Alexander Santos, Taguig City Chief of Police said based on the report of his team who were sent to the area, the driver of one of the vehicles introduced himself as a PDEA agent.

Buth when asked for ID cards, the driver boarded the Montero and the two vehicles sped off.

The cops chased the alleged PDEA posers.

After an hour, the police failed to catch the group, but one of the vehicles, the Hilux, was found abandoned.

The cops seized inside the vehicle fake money amounting to P296,000 in cash, a .30-caliber Carbine rifle, a .45-caliber Glock pistol, handcuffs and handheld radios.

Supt. Santos said the group arrests drug personalities in return for a certain amount which is definitely, according to him, not part of PDEA’s job.

He said he checked with PDEA, which denied that the men were its agents.

PDEA is now coordinating with PNP in probing the incident and to determine whether the armed group are indeed PDEA agents.