Suspected Maute gunmen killed in Lanao del Norte clash

Image capture from Philippine Army's Facebook post
  • Three suspected Maute members were killed during a joint law operation in Lanao del Norte on Thursday
  • According to the military and police, defeated Maute fighters fled to various Lanao del Sur towns with new leader Abu Dar
  • Abu Dar has 3-million and images of Marawi destruction as tool to recruit new young fighters

PANTAR, LANAO DEL NORTE — Three suspected members of the IS-inspired Maute were killed during a joint law enforcement operation, Thursday, Barangay Lumba Punod, where soldiers of the 4th Mechanized Battalion had an encounter with the suspects.

The alleged Maute members include Omar Mustapha Daiser, a resident in the area and among the inmates set free by the local terrorist group when they laid siege to Marawi City, and two still unidentified gunmen; as per an Inquirer story.

Daiser is a known drug pusher who escaped prison and joined the group during the siege. He is a follower of former Marawi Mayor Solitario Ali who’s accused involved in the illegal drug trade.

“Daiser had a standing warrant of arrest for robbery with homicide by the Marawi City Regional Trial Court. He was known to be an illegal drug user and pusher and a follower of Solitario Ali, a former mayor of Marawi City, who is involved in the illegal drug trade,” Army Brig. Gen. William Alunday said as published on Manila Times.

The troops recovered the suspected terrorists’ weapon — four M16 rifles, one M203 grenade launcher, one FAL automatic rifle and one police Beretta pistol and assorted ammunition and bandoliers.

According to the military and police, defeated Maute fighters fled to various Lanao del Sur towns and are now led by Abu Dar, a former subleader of the Maute group and top aide of slain Maute leader Omarkhayyam Maute.

With Abu Dar is 3-million bounty and images of Marawi City’s destruction to use in recruiting fresh young fighters.

Marawi City Police chief Supt. Ebra Moxsir said most of the new members recruited under the new leader were relatives of killed Maute gunmen.

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