Sword-wielding student a*****s priest, worshippers at Indonesian church

Image capture of video by Frids W. Lado
  • A man brandishing a sword attacked worshippers and the priest at a church in Indonesia
  • The suspect was identified as a 22-year-old university student
  • One of the responding police officers was also wounded in the incident

A German priest and two churchgoers were seriously wounded when a sword-wielding man attacked them before police officers shot and subdued the suspect.

As per the Sky News, the service at Lidwina Church in Sleman, Yogyakarta province barely started when a member of the congregation run inside the church with a bleeding head while he was being chased by the suspect holding a meter-long bladed weapon.

A worshipper said the suspect slashed Christian imagery inside the church, damaged a statue of the Virgin Mary and decapitated a statue of Jesus Christ. He said some worshippers threw books as the suspect lunged towards them with his sword. The man also attacked the 81-year-old priest, Fr. Karl Edmund Prier, who was standing near the altar.

The police arrived soon after the attack and fired warning shots, but the suspect refused to surrender so they shot him. A police officer was also wounded in the attack. The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Suliyano, a university student.

“After the warning shot was fired, the attacker charged towards the officer with his sword. The officer then shot him below his stomach, but he managed to injure the cop before being subdued, ” a police spokesperson said.

The police are trying to determine if the incident was terror-related.