Thai court grants Japanese man sole custody of 13 surrogacy children

Image capture of video via Veni Vidi Vici's YouTube account
  • Mitsutoki Shigeta was found to have fathered 13 children via Thai mother surrogates
  • Shigeta, a Japanese millionaire, has now won legal custody of his children

A Japanese man won the custody rights for his 13 children he had fathered using surrogate Thai mothers and who are now being cared for by the Thai government.

According to the Guardian, Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, reportedly wanted a large number of children so they could inherit his fortune in the future.  According to Shigeta’s lawyer, the ruling from the Central Juvenile and Family Court on Tuesday means he will now make preparations to take them to live in Japan.

“He’s very, very happy,” Shigeta’s lawyer, Kong Suriyamontol, told CNN.

The ruling said Shigeta had a right to custody because the children were born before the new law was enacted, and because the surrogate mothers signed documents waiving their custody rights.

Shigeta is the son of an owner of a Japanese company and earns over $3.1 million in annual dividends which shows he is financially capable  of looking after the children, the court said in the statement.