Unregistered beauty products worth P10 million seized in Quezon City

Image Capture of Video by Angel Movido via Twitter account
  • A condominium in Quezon City was raided by FDA officials
  • They seized boxes of beauty and whitening products unregistered with them
  • The items were estimated to be worth P10 million

Boxes and boxes of beauty and whitening products were seized by FDA’s Regulatory Enforcement Unit in a condominium in Quezon City. The unregistered beauty products were estimated to be worth P10 million and are allegedly being sold online.

Guillermo Danipog, a deputy officer from the FDA’s Regulatory Enforcement Unit, shared with ABS-CBN the importance of making sure that the products we use are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He said that without registration from the Food and Drug Administration, consumers cannot be sure that a certain product is safe. They will also check if the seized items are counterfeits.

Earlier this month, one of the biggest beauty clinics in the county, Belo Medical, was also ordered closed by the FDA due to alleged unregistered beauty products. The FDA said that a total of 11 drugs and cosmetic products were unregistered.