[VIDEO] Ellen Adarna accidentally shows off “baby bump”

Image capture of video by babylovememories' Instagram post
  • Ellen Adarna accidentally focused the camera on her belly while making a “living the simple life” video
  • The actress earlier confirmed to the closest of friends that she is pregnant and that John Lloyd Cruz is the father as per a Pep.ph article

Although Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz are living the simple but happy life, enjoying their long vacation away from showbiz, their fans are being updated through the couple’s social media posts. Fans are excited on when the two will be publicly announcing their upcoming parenthood, and as the trend goes for female celebrities, “baby bump posts” are common these days.

The question then is — when will Ellen show off her baby bump?

But on Wednesday night, February 7, Ellen shared on her Instagram story a video wherein she watches what she calls a “makeshift oven” being prepared for a chicken meal which John Lloyd made.

The actor can also be seen in the video approaching behind Ellen.

Ellen was carrying her pet puppy while saying “Our makeshift oven… what’s for dinner? What’s for dinneeerr?”

John Lloyd interrupted, said “you!” and the couple giggled.

But if you would replay the scene when the camera phone was focused down at the puppy… wait, is that Ellen’s bump?

Commenters on the post said, almost in unison: “baby bump wow”.

Take a look:

Ellen earlier confirmed to her close friends that she is pregnant and that John Lloyd Cruz is the father as per a Pep.ph article on November, 2017.

How about this post? “Babylove goes to their future view in Palawan.” #JohnLloydCruz #EllenAdarna #BabyLoveMemories

Noticed that house emoji there beside the heart?

Connect it to this post by Ellen as per a previous article by Kicker Daily.

Our Future view ??

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Are they happy together? See for yourself!

Their story continues to unfold; much like a teleserye that we love to follow! Next episode please!