[Video]: Toddler rescued from train tracks by quick acting student in Milan subway

Image capture via Mondo e Sport's YouTube account
  • Toddler ran from his mother across the platform and jumped onto the track
  • Heroic teenager Lorenzo Pianazza went down onto the tracks and saved the toddler

A young man risked his life to save the life of a toddler who fell on the subway tracks on Tuesday in Milan, Italy. The video, recorded by a CCTV camera, were broadcasted by the Italian media.

CCTV footage from Milan’s Republica metro station shows a two-and-a-half-year-old run towards the tracks and fall down the gap a minute before the train was due to arrive.

A group of bystanders frantically rushed towards the toddler not knowing what to do, until an Italian student, Lorenzo Pianazza, heroically jumped down next to the tracks to retrieve the child.

After picking up the boy and handing him to his mother, Lorenzo even found time to retrieve his toy.

Pianazza told local media he was never fearful for his own safety, he just acted on instinct and adrenaline when he saw the toddler in imminent danger.

“I saw that at the arrival of a train there was a minute and a half, I knew I could do it [in time], and no one else was moving. They were stuck, [the bystanders] stopped and looked on,” Pianazza said.

Watch the heroic video below.