Viral video of ‘territorial rat’ in a Divisoria mall escalator amuses netizens but not the Manila city health office

Image capture of video by GMA News via YouTube
  • Video of ‘territorial rat’ went viral
  • Netizens shared witty remarks on the video
  • Manila Health Office said the incident is alarming, to call the mall’s admin for explanation

Facebook user Stv Milan shared a funny yet alarming video of a ‘territorial rat’ on an escalator inside a mall in Divisoria, Manila that, apparently, ‘halts’ and chases the people walking down it.

The original video reached more than 8-million views with 110-thousand shares and received witty and comic remarks as of posting.

One netizen said she’ll bring all their cats to the mall while another encouraged his friends to witness the scene.

While many netizens look at the incident as being so funny, it’s not the case with the Manila City Health Office Sanitation Division who said the presence of a rat in the mall causing panic to the public is alarming.

According to a GMA News story on Wednesday, the health office inspected the mall and found out that the waste disposal in the establishment is not commendable.

They will call for the mall’s administrator for an explanation.

Moreover, the mall will be given a sanitary order and sufficient time to solve the problem.

The management of the mall haven’t released a statement regarding the matter yet.

Here’s a video story from GMA News: