Was that a child? Myrtle shares spine-chilling dashcam footage of mysterious sighting on the road, admits being haunted still

Image capture of video by Myrtle Sarrosa's Facebook post
  • Myrtle Sarrosa shared on Facebook a dashcam footage wherein a mysterious figure was seen on the road
  • Although the video may not seem very clear, the actress points out and claims that the image, the child’s face. is still clear in her mind as seen by her naked eye

A scary after-midnight drive?

According to the actress, she and her companions were in Eastern Samar for the Sistersph School Advocacy Tour but they got stranded for two days because of the Signal No. 2 typhoon which brought heavy rains and flood that caused roads to be impassable.

The incident happened around 40 minutes after midnight on Thursday as seen on the video timer. They were traversing a road somewhere around Brgy Omawas, Maydolong, E. Samar when they saw something weird.

Although the video may not seem clear, the actress points out that the actual image seen by her naked eye was very clear: “There was a child wearing a bluish white shirt probably around 10 years old in the middle of the road. He was in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapping around his head to his face.”

The actress admits being haunted still by what she saw. “I still can’t get him out of my mind. I saw his pale white face and how his hands and arms travelled from the back to his face. I don’t know. Up until now iniisip ko pa rin,she added. [I still think about it.]

Turns out that their volunteer driver, their staff there, and old townsfolk has been telling them that “it happens a lot” to travellers where they see spirits that have p*********y, probably during the Bagyong Yolanda.

Myrtle’s group really wanted to stop the car but they were warned not stop the car at all during the trip because the areas they were crossing were New People’s Army (NPA) infested area.

Myrtle left the dashcam video in the comments section as requested by netizens. See for yourself:

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