Watch how Japanese baggage handlers gently unload luggage from plane; earn positive remarks from netizens

Image capture of video via Nihongo Wakaranai's Facebook account
  • A Facebook user posted a video that shows baggage handlers in Japan Airport gently unloading passengers’ luggage
  • The spotted baggage handlers earned praises from netizens

When travelling, you usually pack things up nicely and pick the best luggage you have for your own convenience. Therefore, you also expect that your luggage would be handled with care by airport personnel.

On Thursday, February 1, a Facebook user Nihongo Wakarani posted a video of two ground staff unloading luggage from a flight at an airport in Japan, as per a story by AsiaOne.

Manuseio de mala no Japão

Flagrante no aeroporto no Japão mostra como realmente os japoneses tratam a sua mala……..muitas vezes melhor que você mesmo

Posted by Nihongo Wakaranai on Thursday, February 1, 2018

“Caught on film at the airport in Japan shows how the Japanese really treat your suitcase… often better than yourself,” Wakarani said on his post.

The short video shows how the staff are taking care of every suitcase they arrange onto the back of the truck to be transported to the airport terminal.

Netizens praised the work of the baggage handlers and wrote positive reactions on the video’s comments section.

The video has currently earned nearly 3 million views and 57,000 shares, as of posting.