Watch: Two kids try to sneak into theater to watch ‘Black Panther’ disguised as one really tall man

Image capture of video via @stevelikecups Twitter Account
  • Two boys went viral after trying to get the two-for-one special while seeing “Black Panther”
  • They disguised as an extra tall person in a trench coat

Two boys went viral after trying to sneak into a movie theater by disguising as an extra tall person just to pay for one ticket instead of paying two.

In the video posted by Twitter user @stevelikescups, people are heard and seen snickering as the pair wait in line, towering over other movie patrons. Instead of looking like a ‘normal’ adult, the two look more like an extremely tall Inspector Gadget. Their plot worked about as well as you’d expect.

“We tried getting the two for one special at black panther. The manager was not having it,” Twitter user @stevelikescups captioned.

The video went viral on Twitter, getting 179,000 retweets and over 9.73 million views.

Even if the two kids didn’t get the two-for-one ticket to see Black Panther, at least they made the internet laugh at their antics.

Meanwhile, Black Panther dominated the weekend box office in its opening weekend; earning a record-setting US$ 201.8 million domestically and $361 million worldwide.