Wil Dasovich shares life-and-death battle with cancer

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• Wil Dasovich shared his experience in battling with cancer
• He admitted he got scared, yet he tried to manage a positive outlook in life

26-year-old celebrity-vlogger, Wil Dasovich, experienced his life lesson as a cancer survivor at a young age. He shared his remarkable feat during an interview on ANC’s “Headstart” on Friday, February 23.

He always tries to inject humor into every situation, much less even during his chemotherapy sessions. His outgoing character may conceal his emotional fragility, but just like any other people dealing with a life-and-death situation, fear is inevitable.

“When I first got diagnosed with cancer, I think that is more scary, because it takes you weeks [before they can determine which stage you’re at],” he told host Karen Davila. “Is it stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, or stage 4? For me, I’d been living with the symptoms from the beginning of the year.

“I was just hoping for stage 3 or lower… So I was diagnosed with stage 3 high risk. Meaning any moment, it could shut out to the organ because it’s in my lymph nodes already. But I was pumped, I was like, yeah, I have a chance,” he said.

Dasovich went through 9 cycles of chemotherapy, from which he even showed in his vlogs the visible side effects, like the tingling of hands.

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He almost faced death during the fourth cycle, when doctors found something in his lungs.

“And it’s just like, I never felt fear like that before. I have fear of public speaking, but I think death is my number one fear, it’s safe to say. A lot of people don’t think that death is that scary. But you know, once it’s a reality, it’s terrifying. It really crushed me,” he shared.

He admitted that he was scared. But despite the situation, he still tried to look for a positive perspective in life. He said his father, Steve, became his inspiration as his father was also a stage 3 cancer survivor.

After his ninth chemotherapy cycle, he waited two weeks for the results. He documented the actual phone call from the hospital. He burst into tears upon hearing the good news.

“The feeling was just like all the weight was off my shoulders. It’s like I don’t have to worry about anything else anymore. Everything was just fine from that point on… I’ve never cried that hard,” he further disclosed.

And we can’t help but admire him for that courage and will to survive!

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