Woman a******d for speeding claims she’s “Mother Mary” on her way to pick up “baby Jesus”

Image from Hardin County Detention Center
  • A woman in Tennessee was caught by police for driving dangerously fast
  • The woman identified herself as “Mother Mary”
  • She claimed she was on her way to pick up “baby Jesus”

A woman who was a******d by state troopers for speeding claimed she was the Virgin Mary.

According to AsiaOne, the woman, 52-year-old Connie Lyn Allen, was driving dangerously fast on the Interstate 65 near Goodletsville, Tennessee. She drove past an unmarked Kentucky State Trooper (KST) vehicle then cut across into the emergency lane to pass other vehicles.

When the cop chased Allen, she reportedly hit speeds of up to 120 miles per hour.

A marked KST vehicle joined in the chase and the cops eventually caught up with Allen and one of the police cars pulled over in front of hers; forcing her to stop.

Allen initially refused to step out of her car when asked to do so, but she eventually complied when a cop started hitting her car window with a baton in an attempt to get inside her car.

When questioned, Allen identified herself as “Mother Mary.” She told the cops she was on her way to pick up “Baby Jesus.” She also said that God gave her authority to drive the way she did.

“She stated that she realized that the police was behind her, but she was on a non-stop trip and that she had the authority to drive the way she did from God,” the police report read.