Ageless Superbod: Mother of Tony Labrusca still fit and sexy at 39

Image via Angel Jones' Instagram account
  • Angel Jones, mother of Tony Labrusca, joined this year’s Century Tuna Ageless Superbods
  • She said that competition is the best way to share her advocacy on being “a mom that looks great and fit and healthy”
  • Tony said he is really proud of his mother and thinks that “this is really her year and she deserves it”

Hot morena momma Angel Jones joined this year’s Century Tuna Ageless Superbods, as per a story posted by PUSH.

Angel is a former Kulay band member and is a single mom to her grown children – former Pinoy Boyband Superstar contender Tony Labrusca, 21, and her daughter Keziah Blue, 15. She shared how she achieved her fit and healthy body though she is already 39.

“I do everything. I make sure fitness and health is my life. Not just a diet that I’m gonna do for one week or one month. It’s something that I choose to live to do. So I do dance, I do pole, I do circuit. I make sure it’s something that is fun and is something that I schedule every day,” she said in an interview at the VIP Night of the Competition held at the Maybank Performing Arts Theatre in Taguig City.

When asked who her inspiration is for joining the competition, she said, “Everyone.” She also said that competition is the best way to share her advocacy on being “a mom that looks great and fit and healthy.”

Yay, I'm 39 today! I swear, each year is always better than the last. I'm so grateful for the things that didn't happen for me and the amazing things that did. So many blessings and dreams come true this year but my favorite was finally living with both my kids on our own, under one roof, our rules, living the life we want to have. Thank you to everyone who's part of my life helping me make it more beautiful, kickass and hilarious everyday. And thank you to those who aren't in my life anymore your absence is a blessing. Big special thank you to all my kids for being amazing and patient with mommy and loving me anyways even when I'm not perfect. Youth and happiness will be in my heart forever. I hope to continue to inspire and share my energy with all of you! [email protected] ? @keziahblue

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Angel also shared how her children are being supportive to her throughout the competition.

“I’m usually very hands on with him. Like I make his lunches, I go to the tapings and stuff. So when I told him I was gonna do this, he was like, “You know mom, go. I support you. I’ll fine help. But I want you to do it.” So it was really encouraging for him to be – all my children – to be so supportive about this because it’s something that I really wanted to do and it’s taken up most of my time and they never see me anymore because I’m training and I’m doing all our events so I’m so grateful that they’ve been so encouraging,” she said.

When asked what he has to say about his mom joining the sexy competition, Tony said that he is really proud of his mother and that he thinks “this is really her year and she deserves it.”


The finals night of the Century Tuna Ageless Superbods will be held on April 12, Thursday at the Cove Manila.