Australian working in Kuwait gives aid to some abused OFWs

Image capture of video via YouTube GMA News
  • An Australian national George Raphael aided some OFWs who sought help in escaping abusive employers
  • PH government would like to address the concern by securing a formal agreement that would protect the rights of Pinoy workers in the Arab country

An Australian named George Raphael has proven that helping can go beyond having the same race. Before he went back to his country, he decided to come to the Philippines to report some piteous incidents faced by Pinoy workers in Kuwait.

In a report featured at GMA News on March 7, George Raphael showed a video of a Filipina domestic helper (DH) in Kuwait. The Filipina sought help from the Australian national. It was seen in the footage that the helper was risking her life cleaning the windows on the 2nd floor of her master without any safety gear or protection.

George revealed that this is just one of many pitiful incidents experienced by Pinoy OFWs in his 6-year stay in Kuwait. According to his report, there were many Pinoy workers victimized, abused, and treated as animals by their masters whom he has assisted.

He helped some to flee and find protection at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. He also assisted an OFW to get a job at the restaurant where he was working. There was also a time when he rescued a DH who almost got raped by four men residing at her master’s home. The Australian described some Kuwaiti slave drivers as vicious ones since some of them trades DHs like animals.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government is working on stopping these OFW concerns through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between PH and Kuwait. Labor Sec. Silvestre H. Bello III said that Kuwait has already agreed to sign the MOU that will protect the rights of Filipino OFWs. The said Arab county is also now open to talks about the removal of the “kafala” system, which refers to keeping of passports of OFWs by their employers.

DOLE Sec. Bello is scheduled to travel to Kuwait this March 17 to have the MOU signed. Bello also revealed that he would recommend to Pres. Duterte that only Pinoy skilled workers should be allowed to work in Kuwait when the total deployment ban is over.