Babysitter faces trial for allegedly strangling her 4-year-old brother because she could not see her boyfriend

Image via Pixabay

• An Italian-Moroccan woman faces charges over the d***h of her 4-year-old brother because she’s stuck at home and could not see her boyfriend
• According to the forensic doctor, the boy died because of “mechanical asphyxia”, that can be connected to strangulation which is evident on the victim’s face and neck lesions
• She was released from detention in 2017 and is now facing trial

An Italian-Moroccan 20-year-old woman identified as Bouchra F., was accused of murder for strangling her younger brother because she was angry that she could not see her boyfriend, a court in Belgium heard on Monday, as per an Asia One story.

The accused was the one babysitting the child when the incident happened in 2015 and Bouchra was just 17.

She was looking after her younger brother on the first day of the school summer holidays while her parents were working in the Brussels suburb of Berchem-Saint-Agathe.

But that same day, a neighbor alerted for emergency services when Bouchra called for help because her brother was unconscious on their sofa. He was declared d**d an hour later.

A forensic doctor said the cause of the boy’s d***h was “mechanical asphyxia” which might conclude to strangulation due to the lesions on the neck face and neck.

Apparently, according to the investigators and the forensic doctor, the 4-year-old boy’s previous hospitalization due to respiratory distress a month before his d***h might be an initial murder attempt since the accused was also looking after him during that time.

The accusation during the investigation was based on the suspect’s exchange of text messages on her mobile phone with her boyfriend; saying that she could not meet him as planned because she was “stuck at home.”

Investigators believe that the boy was intentionally k****d either because he had prevented the suspect from seeing her boyfriend, or because he threatened to reveal to their parents the secret relationship.

Bouchra was a******d in November 2015 after a re-enactment wherein her account was not deemed credible.

Psychiatrists said Bouchra showed “emotional indifference” and had a “high self-image backed by unfailing egocentricity.”

However, two medical reports ordered by the defense gave contradicting reasons for the boy’s d***h; with one saying it was linked to a respiratory condition and another to an epileptic seizure.

Bouchra denies murder and even her parents believe that she would “not have laid a finger” on her own brother.

She was released from detention in 2017 and now facing her trial that is expected to last a week.