ConCom majority votes to include national, barangays in political dynasty ban

Image via Mike Navallo's Twitter account
  • The Consultative Commission voted to include national and barangay officials in political dynasty ban
  • For national posts (president, vice president) the votes were 18-1, while 16-2 for Barangay officials
  • The chair of panel’s subcommittee on political reforms Julio Teehankee, considers this as a ‘victory for the Filipino people’

On Monday, the Consultative Committee (ConCom) reviewed the 30-year-old 1987 Constitution and voted whether to include or not national (president, vice president) and barangay positions in the regulated prohibition on political dynasties.

The result, voting 18-1, the ConCom decided that in any second degree relative of an incumbent vice president, president, should not be allowed to succeed the same official.

“ConCom votes 18-1 to prohibit relatives within second degree of affinity/consanguinity from running in an election to succeed president and vice president. Only former IBP President Roan Libarios voted to exclude national positions from political dynasty ban,” Mike Navallo of ABS-CBN News posted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, votes of 16-2 in favor of including barangays from the political dynasty ban, was decided by ConCom.

The chair of panel’s subcommittee on political reforms and La Salle Dean Julio Teehankee, considers this as a ‘victory for the Filipino people’.

“The mere fact that we actually succeeded today in passing this provision, and hopefully it would be part of the final draft and I think it would be part, is already a big victory for the cause of reform because as you all know, for 32 years we have been trying to enact an anti-dynasty provision that is self-executing,” Teehankee said in an interview after the en banc session, as disclosed by Inquirer.

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