Cops raid suspected hitmen’s houses in Batangas, 1 a******d

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  • Police officers raided two houses of suspected hitmen
  • One was a******d while the other managed to hide or escape
  • Aside from being a suspected hitman, the a******d suspect was allegedly, previously involved in illegal drug peddling and reportedly came back to his ‘old habits’

One man was a******d after police officers raided two houses of suspected hitmen in Laurel, Batangas.

The a******d suspect was identified as Vicente Orlanes, 42.

Orlanes was found by the cops sleeping beside a .45 Jericho pistol inside his house.

The cops also raided a nearby house owned by Orlanes’ brother named Christian, but he was nowhere to be found.

A .38 Magnum revolver was found at Christian’s house.

Aside from being a hitman, Laurel Police station personnel said that Vicente previously surrendered during the Oplan Tokhang but returned to his habit of illegal drug peddling.

Vicente denied the accusations.

“Hindi po, wala po akong kinalaman du’n. Mula nang kami’y ma-Tokhang, hindi naman po kami nag-ano ng droga eh,” he said.

[No, I don’t have anything to do about it. Since we’ve surrendered from Tokhang, we weren’t involved in any illegal drug activity].

A follow-up operation for his brother is now on-going.