Desperate students’ creative ways to ask for deadline extension amuses netizens

Images by Flawlessvenom via Twitter account
  • Students sometimes have to go to drastic measures to beat school deadlines
  • A student of UST posted their class’ creative way of asking for a deadline extension
  • Other students chimed in and shared their own way of pleading too

It sure is sometimes hard to be a student. With exams, projects and requirements hounding you all the time, a student’s life can become a bit overwhelming. But just a persevering little fighter, some students would go the extra mile to try their luck to appeal to the teachers.

Marc Jandell F. Mendoza, one of the grade 12 students from the University of Santo Tomas, posted on Twitter their desperate but clever way to ask for a deadline extension. It shows a photo of their class putting up a huge sign in their classroom. It read, “PLS MOVE THE DEADLINE SAVE US.”

He captioned his post, “Panis yang prom-posals n’yo.” [Your prom proposals are stale].

Surprisingly, Mendoza tweeted that the plea worked and their teacher agreed to extend the deadline.

One Twitter user commented on the post and said that they too have gone creative to ask for an extension. Flawlessvenom also tweeted a photo showing Post-Its stuck on their professor’s car door. It read, “Sir, Monday na lang please.”

Another Twitter user called the move “legit” as she showed the photo to their Math teacher and she too agreed to extend their deadline.

Mendoza’s tweet has gone viral with over 76,000 likes on Twitter.

Source :

Inquirer, Twitter