Duterte: War on drugs will continue, with or without ICC

Image from PCOO
  • Duterte said the government’s war on drugs will continue with or without the ICC probe
  • The President made the remark in the face of the imminent preliminary examination to be conducted by ICC
  • He likewise reiterated ICC has no jurisdiction over him

MANILA, Philippines  –  President Rodrigo Duterte remains defiant in the face of the planned investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on his controversial war on drugs.

In a speech at the Go Negosyo 10th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit held at World Trade Center in Pasay City, Duterte vowed to continue his campaign to rid the country of the illegal drugs menace.

“Maniwala ang human rights o hindi [Whether the human rights group will believe it or not], it is not my business to do their bidding. I have a duty to perform and worse, I made it a solemn promise,” said Duterte.

The President added his campaign will last until the end of his term.

“So the war on drugs will continue with or without ICC, with or without the human rights, with or without the politicians,” he said.

In the same speech, Duterte also reiterated the ICC has no jurisdiction over him; the reason why he refused to respond to the complaint filed by lawyer Jude Sabio.

“You cannot acquire jurisdiction over me, not in a million years kaya ‘di ko sinasagot [That’s why I refused to respond],” said the President. “They cannot ever ever hope to acquire jurisdiction over my person.”

Last month, the ICC announced it will start its preliminary review of Sabio’s information as the first step to determine whether the court has jurisdiction.

Malacañang Palace earlier said it welcomed the ICC move but blamed the “domestic enemies of the state” as those who are behind it.