Emirates cabin crew member who fell out of plane’s emergency door plane d**s

Image from Jacaranda FM
  • A female cabin crew member of Emirates died after falling off a plane that has just landed in Uganda
  • Some witnesses believe the crew member deliberately jumped from the plane
  • The Dubai-based carrier vowed to cooperate with authorities in their investigation

A female cabin crew member of Emirates, an airline company based in Dubai, died due to multiple injuries after falling out of the emergency door of an aircraft at the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda on Wednesday, March 14.

As per Jacaranda FM, Francis Sekanda, the spokesman for the Kisubi hospital where the crew member was taken for treatment, confirmed her d***h.

“We received her from the Civil Aviation Authority in an ambulance, but she was already d**d,” Sekandi said late Thursday, March 15.

Although the exact reason why the female crew member fell off the plane was not clear, some witnesses said she possibly took her own life.

“She had been seen holding what looked like a glass bottle under her chin before she made the fall. Other witnesses said they had seen her in a verbal exchange with colleagues as they boarded the plane,” according to an earlier report.

The crew member’s knees were shattered and she sustained cuts in the body due to the broken glass from the bottle she was holding when she “jumped,” according to a witness.

The airline company vowed to fully cooperate with authorities in their investigation of the incident.