Five-inch-long tapeworm removed from woman’s breast five years after she swallowed live frogs

Image via Wikimedia Commons
  • Ms. Yao, in China, swallowed three amphibians to cure her rheumatism five years ago
  • Doctors were shocked to find a five-inch-long tapeworm in her swollen breast

Chinese Doctors removed a five-inch-long tapeworm from a woman’s breast, five years after she devoured live frogs as part of her ‘traditional treatment’ to cure her body pains.

According to local reports, the 59-year-old Chinese woman, who was identified only by her surname Yao, was from Jiaxing in China’s Zheijang province. She reportedly had eaten three live frogs but instead of relief she found herself in more discomfort than before.

Yao believed that her remedy was the only cure to her rheumatism. She experienced aches and pains in her stomach, breasts and eyes but was unaware as to the cause of her discomfort.

She  reportedly underwent a breast lump removal surgery last March 7 at Jiaxing’s Tongxiang Second People’s Hospital.

“I found an object that resembled a worm’s head in her breast. I tried to clip it out, and then pull out a 13-centimetre-long (five inches) tapeworm,” Dr. Zhang Yun told local media.

Doctors said the parasite found in the woman’s breast was a Sparganum mansoni; often found in the intestines of cats and dogs, but rarely in humans.

According to IB Times, Yao reportedly told the doctors that she had swallowed live frogs as part of a traditional treatment. After hearing the woman’s story, the doctor concluded that the tapeworm most likely grew from larvae that had been inside the frogs she had eaten.