Former CJ Hilario Davide calls for fairness, due process and rule of law amid Sereno impeachment

Image from Father George J. Willmann, SJ's Facebook post
  • Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide has weighed in on the Sereno impeachment
  • Davide called on court employees and judiciary members to respect Sereno’s rights to fairness and rule of law
  • He also said the call for Sereno to resign is ‘far worse’ than the impeachment

MANILA, Philippines – Retired Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. has called on the members of the judiciary to stay neutral and observe the rule of law amid calls for CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno to step down.

In a statement released to the public on Monday, Davide said he is alarmed over the different aspects of Sereno’s impeachment proceedings at the Lower House, as well as the move to remove her from office via a quo warranto petition.

Davide noted in his statement that petition will be resolved by justices who, so far, have already shown their biases against Sereno, and even “long after the prescriptive period to do so had lapsed pursuant to the Rules of Court.”

He also scored the court employees who chose to call for Sereno’s resignation instead of waiting for the result of the impeachment.

“I wish to express my deep and profound concern over the apparent politicization of the Judiciary. I refer particularly to recent calls from certain justices and court employees for the Chief Justice to resign immediately and not await for the results of the impeachment process, or even the quo warranto case,” Davide said.

The call, according to Davide, is far worse than the impeachment and the quo warranto petition.

Davide added he fully agreed with Sereno’s appeal for all employees and members of the Judiciary to not involve themselves in the ‘political fray’.

“As one who had worked hard to preserve the independence of the Judiciary, I call on the judges and employees of the Judiciary to respect the rights of the Chief Justice to fairness, justice, due process and the rule of law,” said Davide.

Davide is the 20th chief justice of the Supreme Court and served the post for 7 years, from November 1998 to December 2005. He was the presiding judge at the Estrada impeachment trial which led to the former president’s ouster.