Former factory worker now owns business because of ‘bagoong’

Image capture of video via YouTube ABS-CBN News
  • With determination and perseverance, a factory worker’s dream of having her own bagoong business was fulfilled
  • At the same factory she worked for, she met a man who eventually became her husband and helped her fulfill her dream
  • Her products now have different variants and became a hit

Teresita Valdez was a normal factory worker back then when she dreamed of having her very own ‘bagoong’ [shrimp paste] business, as per a story posted by ABS-CBN News.

Because of her determination and perseverance, Teresita’s dream business became true to life with the help of her husband, Manny.

She now has her very own bagoong factory named “Viaña Food Condiments.”

Teresita started humbly as a factory worker who washes shrimps. But with her diligence, she was immediately promoted as the factory’s kitchen assistant. She met Manny at the same factory she worked for, and became her husband.

The couple started to make their own business of bagoong with a capital of just P10,000. At first, they walk miles just to sell their products.

Their products which now have different variants became a hit when the couple moved to San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

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