Gayahin Mo Sila by Class B Tayo: Michael V’s parody of Hayaan Mo Sila goes viral

Image capture from GMA Network's YouTube video
  • Michael V.’s parody of Hayaan Mo Sila goes viral
  • Gayahin Mo Sila by Class B Tayo advises people that they have their own style, not to waste their time copying
  • The video went viral on YouTube

Kapuso comedian Michael V., who’s known for his parodies of popular Filipino and foreign songs, hits back at copycats via his rendition of the popular Ex Battalion hit Hayaan Mo Sila.

Gayahin Mo Sila by Class B Tayo, the title of his rendition, was aired in the GMA gag show Bubble Gang on March 9.

In the parody, the comedian talked about people who look for viral videos on the internet then make their own version — to which theirs may garner higher views than the original.

The video pointed out that the difference between the original and the imitation is that the former needs the brain to think while the latter does not.

In the last parts of the video, the parody song mentioned that people have their own style which they need to try and should not waste their time copying.

The video has since gone viral with more than 163,000 views on YouTube and #14 on trending as of posting.

Netizens shared their admiration to the comedian as they call him “genius” and that the video shares a wonderful message to millennials especially those on social media to stop copy-pasting but use their originality.

Before Gayahin Mo Sila, Michael made other parodies such as Sabog Sabog Tayo, Mamaw, and others.

Hayaan Mo Sila is a song from the Pinoy collective group Ex Battalion which faced controversies for allegedly stealing beats from Diamond Style’s One Kiss.

Here’s the video from GMA Network: