Giant spider clinging to tree branch rescued from Queensland floodwaters by brave local

Image capture of video via Andrea Gofton's Facebook account
  • A huge tarantula was rescued by a nature lover in Australia
  • The Australian Tarantula is a protected species in Queensland 
  • According to an expert, the spider could be older than 10 years, with life spans of up to 15 years

A huge tarantula was rescued by a nature lover, from drowning in the floodwaters of Queensland, Australia.

In a video, uploaded on Facebook by Andrea Gofton, the huge tarantula, which netizens identified as a whistling spider – named so because of the hissing sound it makes – was seen holding on to a frail tree branch for dear life, outside a supermarket in the town of Halifax, northeast of Ingham, Queensland, as floodwater flowed inches below as a result of more than more than 400 millimeters of precipitation deposited in the last four days.

My excitement for the day…saved a spider?

Posted by Andrea Gofton on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gofton who captioned the video “my excitement for the day…saved a spider,” has been viewed by more than 60,000 since it was posted onto the social network.

According to Daily Mail, Minibeast Wildlife spider expert Alan Henderson estimates that the tarantula was between 10 to 15 years old. Tarantulas live in a burrow and this one must have scuttled out as the floods rose, said Henderson.

The Queensland Museum website states that their bite is fatal to cats and dogs but not to humans. It eats large insects, reptiles such as lizards, amphibians and even small mammals.