Homeless person kicked out of McDonald’s enrages Good Samaritan who bought him food; sparks discrimination issue

Image cvapture of video by Yossi Gallo via Facebook account

Social media is ablaze after a homeless man is made to leave a McDonald’s branch located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as seen in a video posted by a customer on his social media account.

It so happens that the good man,  Yossi Gallo, took it upon himself to treat a homeless man whom he saw in the parking lot near the food chain branch.

However, things did not go as great as it should be; considering that a good deed is being done to someone who’s less fortunate.

Apparently, the management called the police for assistance in requesting the homeless man to leave as he was not allowed to beg in the restaurant; to which the irate customer clarified that the poor man didn’t beg from him and that he had just invited the latter for a meal as he said he was hungry.

A heated exchange ensued between the police officer who came, the manager of the branch and the fuming customer who was so disappointed with the turn of events. He tried his best to come between the officer and the homeless man, but became more infuriated as the seconds ticked by.

Ironically, he, too, was asked to leave by the manager for being too loud; to which he furiously obliged — but only after he has given his full assessment of the incident.

On his post, Gallo said: “Sometimes I hate the world…. ”  🙁

Views have reached more than 74 million with over 1,500 shares and so many comments; mostly angry reactions.

While there’s quite a number  backing the lady cop, saying she’s only doing her job after police was called for assistance, some still find her way of handling the incident quite overboard. Some said perhaps the homeless man has a bad record and is known to the staff, but at the time, the old man wasn’t seen unruly or anything. Needless to say, the issue of discrimination was the top subject matter that surfaced in this incident.

Here’s the video shared by Gallo. See for yourself what took place.


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