Japanese farmers use solar-powered ‘Super Monster Wolf’ to protect crops

Image capture of video via ?????'s YouTube account
  • The Super Monster Wolf—which is its real name—only stands about one and a half feet tall
  • The robot is sometimes shorter than the crops it’s meant to protect
  • It sells for $4,840 (514,000 yen) and is solar powered

Japanese farmers are using terrifying robotic ‘Super Monster Wolves’ with beaming red LED eyes to scare wild boars, deer and other pests off the country’s crops.

According to the Independent, the “Super Monster Wolf” stands at 50cm tall, is 65cm long and runs on rechargeable solar-batteries, using motion-sensors to detect when other mammals approach and letting out an alarming primal howl in response.

When it detects an approaching animal, its eyes light up and it starts to howl, Asahi TV says. Its  manufacturers added the robot wolf uses solar-rechargeable batteries and has a range of howl noises so that animal threats don’t get used to it.

Chihiko Umezawa of the agricultural cooperative says that the device has an effective radius of about one kilometer, suggesting it is more effective than an electric fence.

Since its trial to patrol the fields near Kisarazu City, Chiba, the manufacturer plans to sell the robot commercially for 514,000 yen ($4,840). If farmers can’t afford the retail price, they could lease the robot for a much cheaper option.