Jessie J says she’d love to do some work with KZ Tandingan

Images via Jessie J/KZ Tandingan's Instagram accounts
  • After KZ got eliminated at Singer 2018 on its episode 9, Jessie J told her to ‘stay in touch’ and that she wants to do some work with her
  • Jessie also posted on Instagram about her journey on the competition including a selfie with KZ

Our very own KZ Tandingan has been eliminated at the 9th episode of Singer 2018. With her performances, she has left a mark on the viewers’ heart and also built friendship with her co-contenders.

International pop star Jessie J is one of KZ’s new found friends who became attached to her during the competition.

When KZ got eliminated, Jessie J gave her a heartfelt hug and told her a sweet message: “You are amazing. We know each other now. Stay in touch please. Let’s do some work together. I’d love that.”

Jessie J also posted on her Instagram; expressing how she was thrilled and happy about her experience throughout the competition.

Her post included a selfie she had with KZ.

“Having the time of my life doing the show ‘SINGER’ in a China with these amazing people. Life is about experience. Doing things that break away from the norm and the expected in this industry. Bridging a gap between two very different cultures. Opening the door for other international artists to be on this show. That’s what I’m proud of. Challenging myself every week. SINGER is the biggest singing TV show in he world. With a viewership of up to 250 million a week. It’s been life changing for me in so many ways. Thank you china for embracing me with all your heart,” Jessie J wrote.