Killer lightning slays more than 16 people in Rwanda

Image via Pixabay
  • Lightning struck people inside a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rwanda
  • A total of 140 people were involved in the incident; 18 died, 3 are still in critical condition while the rest of the victims got released from the hospital
  • Rwanda, a country in East Africa, is situated near “ world’s biggest lightning hotspots”

Who would have thought that the church goers at the Seventh-Day Adventist in Rwanda would get struck by lightning?

On Saturday, the church located at Nyaruguru district in the Southern Province of Rwanda was hit by an unexpected meteorological phenomenon.

Rwanda, a country in East Africa, is situated near countries like Congo which was identified by NASA as one of the world’s lightning hotspots.

In an AFP news, 16 people inside the congregation immediately died after the lightning hit them. Some were also injured. Two among those who got wounded died too, according to the local mayor Habitegeko Francois.

In an estimate, the local official said that there was a total of around 140 people who were involved in the tragic incident.

Those people were rushed to hospitals and district health centers and fortunately, many had already been discharged. He also said three among the victims are still in critical condition, according to the doctors but are  now making a positive progress.

Mayor Francois added that on March 9, a similar incident also occurred in their area which struck 18 students, killing one of them.