Kuya Kim reveals he’s now “doing great” after battling rare disease

Images by Kuya Kim Atienza via Instagram account
  • Kim Atienza celebrated “Rare Disease Day”
  • He revealed that he is now “doing great” after being diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome
  • He asked everyone to help other patients, especially children who are suffering from various rare diseases

Kim Atienza decided to spread awareness about rare disease by opening up about his own battle.

On Instagram, Kuya Kim celebrated “Rare Disease Day” by posting a photo of himself undergoing treatment. The TV personality shared that he too suffered from a rare disease called “Guillan-Barre Syndrome.”

Healthline defines the Guillain-Barré syndrome as an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system a*****s healthy nerve cells. It often leads to weakness, numbness and tingling. It can eventually lead to paralysis.

Kuya Kim posted, “Today, the last day of February is celebrated as Rare Disease Day. I’m sharing this as a way of helping create awareness for rare diseases. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare but serious autoimmune disorder.”

He adds that he is now doing great after receiving treatment and was lucky enough to have recovered but others aren’t as lucky. Kuya Kim stated, “God worked his miracle through the doctors who looked after me. I’m now doing great.

Some aren’t as lucky. There are patients, especially kids in the Philippines who suffer from various rare disease. Let’s help them live better lives.”

The Ironman finisher also took the chance to ask everyone to help support the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders. He said, “If you’re interested in helping contact the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders at [email protected]