Liz Uy asks for privacy amidst rumors surrounding her baby son

Image by Liz Uy via Instagram account
  • Liz Uy kept mum on other details about her baby
  • She asked for privacy amidst rumors about her son’s father
  • The celebrity stylist revealed that having Baby Xavi is her “biggest accomplishment”

Liz Uy asked for privacy amidst rumors surrounding her recent announcement that she is now a mother.

Over the weekend, social media went abuzz after the celebrity stylist posted a photo of her adorable baby son on Instagram. After the surprising announcement, several rumors started surfacing about the father of the baby.

When asked about this by ABS-CBN, Liz decided to keep mum. She also refused to tell how old her baby is and said, “Saka na lang natin pag-usapan.” [We can talk about it some other time.]

Liz also refused to be shut down by rumors and said, “For me, well that’s my [Instagram] page naman, and I can say and do whatever I want, and then bahala sila whatever they want to think din. Kasi I’m not naman answerable to anyone.”

The It Girl mom added that no matter what other say, having Baby Xavi is her “best accomplishment.”

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