“She wanted to help”: Beauty queens Catriona and Katarina defend Mariel de Leon

Images by Catriona Gray, Mariel de Leon, Katarina Rodriguez via Instagram accounts
  • Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Rodriguez has appealed to the public to respect Mariel de Leon
  • Miss World 2016 Catriona Gray also defended Mariel and asked to stop the hate and the b*****g
  • This came after Mariel commented that Catriona’s answer during a TV special of the Binibining Pilipinas sounded “scripted”

In a country so passionate about beauty pageants, these competitions can sometimes result to a fiasco. But the reigning Filipina beauty queens proved they will not let such distractions destroy their bond.

Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Rodriguez and Miss World 2016 Catriona Gray defended their pageant sister, Miss International Philippines 2017 Mariel De Leon. De Leon became the subject of b*****g again after her recent comment on Gray, saying she sounded “scripted.”

On Twitter, Rodriguez wrote a lengthy message about kindness and De Leon’s advice. She said, “I can confidently say that Mariel is one of the nicest and most passionate ladies I have ever met.”

Katarina continued. “You don’t have to like Mariel but at least respect her.”

She reiterated that De Leon’s act was coming from a good place: “Please take it from someone who personally knows Mariel, she would not want to bring any person down. Mariel wanted to help Catriona is all.”

Gray already made a statement earlier that she also stood behind De Leon. She stated on Instagram, “Debate is healthy, b*****g is not.”

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