Stray bullet hits one-year-old child in Makati

Image capture of video via YouTube GMA News
  • A one-year-old girl got hit by a stray bullet last Monday in front of their store
  • The gunman’s target was a man named Jerome Hernandez who was found d**d on the spot
  • The mother of the victim is asking for type A negative blood donations for her baby

A one-year-old girl is reportedly needing type A negative blood after getting hit by a stray bullet on the head on Monday afternoon in Makati City.

The girl named Sophia was just playing in front of their store when she was accidentally hit by a gunshot.

Sophia was immediately rushed to Sta. Ana Hospital where she is currently admitted in critical condition because of too much blood loss.

Her mother, Janelyn Camilon appealed for the suspect to give himself up and take responsibility for the crime.

The gunshot was supposedly for a target named Jerome Hernandez, who was by that time just eating at the store at the corner of Cagayan at C. Francisco streets. After being hit by a gunman on a motorcycle, Hernandez was found d**d on the spot.

Janelyn asked for blood donations for her child.

Makati police are currently investigating the incident.