Tony Labrusca once worked as salesman, cook and cashier all at the same time

Image by Tony Labrusca via Instagram account
  • Tony Labrusca took various jobs in Canada to earn a living
  • He was once a shoe salesman, a cook and a cashier; all the same time
  • The actor plans to build a barbershop when he has saved enough

Tony Labrusca is thankful that showbiz welcomed him warmly.

The “La Luna Sangre” star revealed that prior to making it in showbiz, he was an ordinary guy making ends meet in Canada.

Tony recalled the many jobs he worked “day in, day out” to earn a living. On Boy Abunda’s talk show, the actor said he worked three jobs at one point in his life. He was once a cook, a shoe salesman, and a cashier; all at same time.

He also became a barber, something which he genuinely liked. Tony even admitted that he learn more about hairstyling and wishes to build his own barbershop. He said, “Kapag mayaman na ako.” [Once I get rich.]

You can watch an excerpt of the interview from ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel:

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