[Video] Kind Arab man speaks Tagalog fluently, praises Bicolanos

Image Capture of Video by Glen Colinares via Facebook page
  • An Arab man politely interacts with a Filipino waiter
  • The Filipino was impressed with the Arab’s Tagalog skills
  • He admitted he had been to Manila and Bicol and called Bicolanos “mabait at malambing” [kind and sweet]

A video of an Arab man speaking in Tagalog has gone viral.

A post by Glen Colinares on Facebook has made netizens amazed and impressed as an Arab man politely interacts with Colinares in our native dialects.

The video shared by Colinares showed that he was serving an Arab man in a restaurant he was working in. He captioned the post, “An unexpected encounter with a Saudi Arabian man who fluently speaks in Tagalog and even in Bicol dialect. Ibang klase ‘to! It’s an honor po ito para sa ating mga kababayan dito sa gitnang silangan.”

[It’s an honor for our kababayans working here in the Middle East.]

The Arab man politely greeted Colinares with,“Kumusta na kayo?” [How are you?]

When Colinares praised the man for his impressive tagalog skills, he jokingly replied, “Siguro mas magaling ka sa akin pero siguro lang.” [Maybe you are better than me but that’s just a maybe]

When asked how he is, the good-natured Arab humbly said, “Anak mayaman pero buhay mahirap.” [Born wealthy but living humbly.]

The Arab also shared that he has been in Manila and Bicol and quipped, “Mabait ang mga bicolano, malalmbing ang mga bicolano.” [Bicolanos are kind and sweet]

unexpected encounter a (SAUDI Man🧔🏻) who fluently speak in (TAGALOG language) even bicol dialect.ibang klase toh🤝👏👍 its…

Posted by Glen Colinares on Sunday, March 4, 2018