When you excitedly thought Anne Curtis was about to give you a hug, BUT …

Image by @kriziaairab's tweet

During a visit to Japan, Anne Curtis recently ignored by accident a male fan while she was giving out hugs to other fans.

The Kapamilya went to the country to shoot some scenes on location for her upcoming movie “Sid and Aya (Not a Love Story)”.

Seeing fans on location excited her, and prompted Anne to give out hugs.

But incidentally, one male fan who stood on Anne’s right side, was also expecting to get a hug.

As the other fans got their hugs, he just stood there with empty arms.

Twitter user @kriziaairab shared photos of the incident, made a meme out of it and tagged Anne on the tweet. Krizia wrote: “me kapag akala ko ako yung tinatawag ng ibang tao.” (Me, assuming I’m the one being called over by someone.)

Anne retweeted @kriziaairab’s post and wrote on Twitter, ” HHHAHAHAHA Aaaaw whoops! Hindi ko napansin si Kuya!” 

Watch the video:

Anne is currently busy with shoots for a movie co-starring with Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes.